Wearing #purplesunday best to mass

Wearing purple on Sunday mass will spread awareness of the pro-RH Bill movement. In social media, many support their pro-RH bill stand through a purple twiboon.

Why the color purple?

Now, the color purple is increasingly equated with the struggle for the passage of the RH bill. The purple ribbon unites people of all classes, persuasions, ideologies, and religions. Personalities and ordinary masses become one in purpose. Wearing or displaying this is a simple way to tell our legislators that we are pro-RH and we want an RH law.

This statement is gaining momentum. In social media, Twitter and Facebook users proudly wear the purple ribbon. Many openly say that they will attend Sunday masses in purple as a political statement. Numerous people are looking for pins, stickers, posters with the purple ribbon on them.

I dare say that we will see a lot more purple ribbons and the color purple in the coming days. We will wear our color as we observe our legislators in the House of Representatives and Senate discuss the RH bill. As starters, be with us on Tuesday, May 17, as the House discusses the bill in the Plenary.

The purple ribbon puts women at the center of the RH debate. As former President Ramos said, RH is primarily a women’s issue and women’s voices should be significantly heard in the discourse.

Here are tweets that talk about #purplesunday. I will be updating this throughout the day.