Tweeters on the Lagman versus Pacquiao

The interpellation of the RH Bill started with Rep Lagman saying he was ready to rumble. @alvindakis thinks “This might be a comedic fight in Congressional Ring: lagMAN Vs. pacMAN = LAGPAC! #RHBill”.

The debate was not really a debate because Rep Manny Pacquiao just kept asking questions without any rebuttal. Some of these questions are already posted in FAQs in some RH Bill sites.

Watch the video.

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While others poked fun at Pacquiao’s line of questioning, a few admired him like @ANNdriayhaz who is “also happy manny pacquiao is also an anti RH-bill nakakatuwa sya panuorin pinaglalaban nya talaga sa kongreso go MANNY!”

Towards the end of the interpellation. Pacquiao was again asking questions Lagman had answered just a few minutes before.” He did not seem to be listening and instead just fixated on the script before him. The plenary debate was suspended because the house failed to reach quorum. It was a quorum at the start but apparently some house representatives left.

Here is what Twitter talked about on the “debate” between Lagman and Pacman. (will be updated as more tweets come in)