Seminar on Rights and Powers of every Barangay Constituent

Gising Barangay Movement (GBM) invites constituents of Metro Manila barangays to a Seminar on Rights and Powers of every Barangay Constituent; a seminar to empower the Filipino.

GBM Vision: A barangay citizenry that knows, understands, and asserts its sovereign power to assure responsible governance.

GBM Mission: help citizens appreciate the importance of shaping the direction, content and conduct of governance in their community.

DATE: Saturday, June 4, 2011

TIME: 2pm – 5pm

VENUE: 65 Amorsolo St. Multi Purpose Hall,
San Lorenzo Village, Makati CIty

Manny Valdehueza, co-founder of GBM. Former UNESCO Regional Director from Asia Pacific, fellow and director at Development Academy of the Phil. Member of Phil Mission to UN, Deputy Presidential Adviser on Constitutional Reform, Author of books on governance.

If interested, just reply on the comment section so I can inform the organizer.

“Government is everybody’s business; if you are not involved, you can’t expect good governance.”

“Right-thinking citizens who ignore the anomalies in their barangays are the greatest barriers to political reforms.”