Cartoon Version HD: NINOY + PEOPLE POWER: What MEDIA is not telling us


The fact is that 86 EDSA Revolution is a mass rally held by Cory Aquino voters during a foiled coup de etat by military men who wanted to grab power from Marcos. The information presented here are all FACTS with corresponding references and are all based on diligent research. The sentiments of the publicized few does not represent the views of the entire populace. This is not how democracy works.

This Filipino Visual artpiece is created, authored and directed by a conservative Filipino citizen, residing in the Philippines. The director/author/owner of the video does not intend to offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate his fellow Filipinos or any particular Filipino individual. We are not promoting hatred, violence and discrimination towards our own race. Nor do we promote stereotyping and denigration against any Filipino Individual.

The primary purpose of this video is to RAISE AWARENESS amongst the poor and underpriviledged citizens of the Philippines. Due to their lack of education, they have limited grasp of sophisticated terminologies which prompted the author to use BASIC FILIPINO TAGALOG STREET WORDS such as “Bobo” and “Ignorante” which means “Dull minded” and “Uninformed” respectively, to appeal to the masses.

The objective of the director/author/owner of the video is to expose hidden facts about the EDSA Revolution Yellow Propaganda. By simply stating the FACTS, everything becomes astoundingly simple and clear. For 25 years, media has been forcibly feeding people about their mystical notion of People Power, an event that was not participated by more than 80 million Filipinos back in 1986. 25 years after this so called “bloodless” revolution (Ironically, thanks to Marcos), the rich has gotten more wealthy and are poised to own the utilities and infrastructures of the country while the entire populace of the Philippines is mired in POVERTY, MEDIOCRITY and constant SUFFERING.

The opinion of the director/author/owner of the video is similar to the opinion of a growing number of disillusioned Filipinos who simply wants to elevate their quality of life and get rid of poverty in our country once and for all.

This is not Hate Speech. This is not Racial Vilification. We appeal to Youtube administration to understand the political and economic situation of our country the Philippines and the benefit we will get by informing the public.

Let us end the Yellow Propaganda forced upon us. It is time for Filipinos to be great once more. No more fake pinoy pride, no more loss of dignity. Each and every Filipino deserve the real truth and not ‘media’ truth.

All copyrights belong to their respective owners. This is an educational video which is also a commentary and quasi-documentary. We invoke U.S. copyright law of FAIR USE. Copyright infringement not intended. We are not replacing the original purpose and use of the copyrighted materials that may appear herein.

Source: PinoyMonkeyPride