I’m Jane Doe. Who are you?

“Joe and Diana Suan, parents of the boy Jan-jan, filed the libel case against Dr. Ma. Lourdes “Honey” Caranadang, bloggers John Silva and Froilan Grate, and several Jane and John Does with the Quezon City Prosecutors’ Office on Wednesday afternoon.”

The Jane and John Does can be identified in the next coming days.

Some people insist that this is an effort run by a few people with personal grudges. They are forgetting that it is a movement by more than 13,000 who have decided to speak up against child abuse and exploitation.

@bethangsioci says “Dear MVP, This is about child abuse, NOT rivalry between stations. We, the thousands clamoring for removal of WR are REAL PEOPLE, not robots.”

I’m Jane Doe.
Who are you?

Via Stop Child Abuse Facebook page.

3 thoughts on “I’m Jane Doe. Who are you?”

  1. Okay. Can we also include certain parents who turn their kids into toys for show and tell? Fathers who push their sons into basketball? Moms who insist their 6-year-old is old enough to go promenading as a reyna during Santakrusan? Parents who force their sons and daughters into a religion they can hardly understand, let their teens ride the scooter without licenses, drive their big SUVs on weekends. You know, about 70% of parents nowadays? And while we are at it, why not include those men and women in robes who pose as parents when they could never be. Come 0n, we are bringing up childeren without any spine, honed and bred with instant noodle mentality.

    1. sure why don’t you file a complaint at the Commission of Human Rights at the UP complex, Commonwealth Avenue if you feel those are violation of crimes. Do your share.

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