10 ways to remember Willie Revillame

This is not the first time Willie Revillame is involved in controversy. He talks about being a victim of a rival network. What he fails to recognize is that he did this to himself. We should learn from Revillame’s career and personal life so no one like him ever gets to life in TV shows. Yolanda Ong shares “10 Ways to Be a Monster Hit”, (below ) but to me a top 10 list of Wille Revilame’s “accomplishments”

1. Get involved in serial scandals for higher ratings.

In 1999, Randy, John and Willie were suspended from?Magandang Tanghali Bayan?for vulgar comments about the contestants of Calendar Girl. In 2001, Willie was terminated from the show for the same offense. MTB went off air, and resurrected as Masayang Tanghali Bayan. In 2003, the MTRCB ordered ABS-CBN to terminate Willie for malicious jokes against mainstay Mahal. The host-comedian filed his resignation instead with a tearful farewell in 2004.

2. Get away with murder!

In 2006, 30,000 people gathered outside the PhilSports Stadium to join Wowowee’s first anniversary show. There was a stampede that killed 78 people and injured around 400. Revillame was cleared of any responsibility.

3. Get involved in sex scandals while supposedly abusing the wife.

In 2007, his estranged wife, Liz Almoro accused Revillame of abuse. She claimed that he humiliated her in front of their child, threw a chair and remote control at her and had “dirty sexual affairs’” with different women. Revillame countered that he had difficulty performing his husbandly duties due to Almoro’s explosive moods and tirades.

4. Get away in a “hot” Ferrari.

In 2008, the Chief of the Presidential Anti-Smuggling Group demanded that Revillame return a “hot” Ferrari or pay the proper taxes. The vehicle had a fake certificate of payment, was registered in Cebu but carried Manila license plates. Revillame claimed it was just for test-drive, even when surveillance showed him using the car for one month.

5. Get away with disrespecting beloved Cory Aquino.

On August 3, 2009, Revillame spoke out against the insertion of a live broadcast on the transfer of the late President Cory Aquino’s remains to the Manila Cathedral. He carped that Wowowee could not make people happy while the entire country was mourning. On August 10, he went on an indefinite leave.

6. Demand that a colleague be fired or else…

In 2010, Revillame threatened to resign if ABS-CBN did not fire Buzz co-host Sucaldito for criticizing him. He said, “Nananawagan po ako sa management… Wag niyo naman hong payagan na tinitira ‘yung show natin. Ang laki ng kita ng ‘Wowowee’… Mamimili na kayo. ‘Pag hindi ninyo ‘yan tinanggal ako ang magre-resign.”

7. Break your contract.

In August 2010, Revillame announced that he was ending his contract that expires in September 2011. He accused ABS of violating several provisions. Management decided to replace Wowowee and offered him a one-hour weekly show instead.

8. Junk bffs on air.

When Randy and John signed up for a new noontime show in ABS while he was negotiating to have them join him in TV5, Revillame angrily broadcasted, “Magsulian na tayo ng kandila…kung diyan kayo masaya sa taong nanakit sa’kin… diyan na kayo.”

9. Flaunt your wealth.

The P90M Ayala Heights house formerly owned by Gabby Lopez, the Tagaytay property of Chito Madrigal, where he will build his house plus high-end boutique hotel with a heliport, a Lamborghini, a Ferrari, a P50M yacht, the ten-storey mall with two theaters are just some of his assets.

10. Flex your muscle at every opportunity.

Get paid handsomely to endorse a Presidential aspirant, cut a platinum CD, generate record-breaking showbiz-magazine sales, hobnob with titans. Revillame is undoubtedly the biggest monster hit in town. Born to a 15 yr-old waitress and supposedly a-once-upon-a-time-naked pub dancer, he has come a very long way. Cocky and unfazed by the latest ruckus, he said, “Every time I do something a bit naughty, the ratings go up.” Unfortunately, he has been proven right many times.

Never again!

(By the way the top 10 list above is written by Yolanda Ong. Reactions to Willie Revillame suspension or possible cancellation is curated below.)