RH Bill graphics & anti-RH homily continues on

My friend just showed me these car stickers given out after a mass. It looks like the stickers were given out by the “Families Against the RH Bill”.

Well, if the anti-RH bill advocates have their one, pro-RH advocates can have too. Use these RH Bill Graphics not just for car sticker but as a profile pic, desktop wallpaper, or postcard. Thank you Joey Mendoza for the graphics.

RH Bill discussions on Twitter is talking about the blog entry of Father Bernas, a Jesuit priest who thinks the barangay Ayala Alabang ordinance is some sort of inquisition. I spot tweets that speak of disappointment about the homily talking against the RH Bill or reciting the prayer ” Oratio Imperata for the protection of human life “. I am appalled at @chancelina tweet:

my 13-year-old sister has homework that is making them write a letter to the senate, telling them that she is against the RH bill. F that.

Check what twitter is buzzing about on the RH Bill. I have included a few anti- RH tweets too.