a fertilized egg is already a human being?

I had a long afternoon nap till ten in the evening when I noticed the tweets in my timeline was on Reproductive Health. This morning, the RH bill gained a notch in its progress when the House Appropriations Committee approved the budgetary provisions of the RH bill pending in Congress. @ang_mungo argues that objectives of the Reproductive health can be met by the Department of Health program. While I can agree with that, the most crucial for me is sex education. Someone said, it is a combination of factors in our society.

Another argument is when does a fertilized egg have a soul? @the_copyeditor says “So, the debate against use of condoms is that some believe life begins at fertilization? That a fertilized egg is already a human being?” When is it human? Not all fertilized eggs are humans because some of them die , often called “spontaneous abortions”.

Then there is the possibility of corruption. @antipinoy thinks “Procurement of contraceptives by DOH, and distribution to LGU leads to more problems – RED FLAG- CORRUPTION HELLO!!!” and instead “Instead of Government distributing contraceptives let private sector do it – mom and pop shops, gas stations, restaurants, bars, groceries”. He can’t support the RH bill as it is. Though he supports “the objectives but disagree with the DOH procurement. private enterprise is better.”

Here are the other Late night tweets on Reproductive Health-