The promises of Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III

The promises made by Noynoy Aquino from the time he was running as a candidate to the  time of his oath taking as 15th president of the Republic of the Philippines was compiled by ang_mungo.  The fact that these all came from his own mouth makes it better than those put together by his staff.  As of June 27, 2010,  there are 24 promises. If you know of a promise that is not included here and have the appropriate reference, you can also email [email protected] so that we can add it.

1. Expand irrigation development program


Senator Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III in his visit to Cauayan promised to expand the irrigation development program in the country with a hope to sustain food sufficiency.

He acknowledged Isabela’s contribution to the country as one of the primary rice and corn producers in the country.

STATUS: Pending.


2. Probe 2004 vote rigging


Benigno Aquino, the man set to become the next Philippine president, said yesterday he planned to have the incumbent Gloria Arroyo investigated for alleged vote-rigging.

Aquino said that while he made no judgement about Arroyo’s guilt or otherwise, she should be investigated over a phone call she allegedly made to an election commissioner during the 2004 presidential poll.

“The bottom line is, these allegations of vote manipulation during the 2004 elections have never been settled,” Aquino told AFP in an interview as he awaited official confirmation of his victory in Monday’s election,

STATUS: Pending.


3. Scrap GMA’s flagship programs

LIBERAL Party candidate Senator Benigno Aquino III on Thursday vowed to scrap President Gloria Arroyo’s flagship programs if he is elected President.

“Perhaps I’m being unchristian, but practically all her programs have to be scrutinized,” Aquino declared during a Davao sortie.

He said a review of the projects and programs under President Arroyo’s watch was part of the “zero-budgeting” policy he would implement as President.

Instead of replacing those flagship programs, Aquino wanted the budget realigned to job creation, education and basic social services.

STATUS: Pending.


4. Upgrade army and increase defense spending


Philippine opposition lawmaker Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino vowed on Thursday to upgrade the army and increase defence spendingto 2 percent of GDP if he wins next month’s presidential elections.

Aquino also promised to end corruption in military procurement, reviewing for possible irregularities contracts made by Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s outgoing administration.

“Every peso stolen from the budget of our security organisations represents a drop of blood of our soldiers, airmen, sailors and police officers who risk their lives in the service of our nation,” Aquino said in a speech to diplomats, security officials and foreign journalists.

STATUS: Pending.


5. Closure to extrajudicial killings


Presumptive president-elect Benigno Aquino III Monday pledged after meeting with a high-powered group of European ambassadors to track down assassins involved in extrajudicial killings, saying there must be a “closure” to the bloody chapter of unresolved murders in the Philippines.

“Cases of extrajudicial killings need to be solved, not just identify the perpetrators but have them captured and sent to jail,” Aquino said at the press conference.

“That’s part of the agenda [of the incoming administration]… Judicial reform is so important. There has to be closure as soon as possible, which means not the usual average of six years,” he added.

STATUS: Pending.


6. No favors to allies and supporters


Liberal Party standard bearer Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” S. Aquino III said Friday he will not extend favors to allies and supporters, particularly from big business, even as he vowed to level the playing field during his administration.

“The most they can expect under my presidency is a level playing field. I will not favor anyone. The market will decide if their business grows or not. If they have pending cases, I will not help them. That would be playing favorites,” Aquino said in a radio interview on DZBB.

STATUS: Unclear.


7. Strictly enforce environmental laws


Leading presidential candidate Benigno S. “Noynoy” Aquino III, in celebration of Earth Day on April 22, 2010, has vowed to make disaster preparedness and the strict enforcement of environmental laws as key objectives of his administration should he be elected.

Greenpeace called on Aquino to live up to his promise made on Earth Day last April, to strictly enforce environmental laws, and Greenpeace added, prioritize policies that will ensure clean energy, clean water and safe food for the country. 

STATUS: Pending.


8. Make FOI bill his administration’s priority


Presidential frontrunner Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III said last Sunday that the Freedom of Information bill — a landmark piece of legislation that will lift the shroud of secrecy over government transactions and data — will be a priority of his administration.

This was after Congress adjourned sine die last Friday without the bill’s ratification by the House of Representatives due to lack of quorum.

STATUS: Pending


9. Streamline government approval processes


We will transform our systems to foster service to the public instead of making citizens jump through hoops. We will streamline the approval process, not only for setting up new businesses but also in the regular day-to-day transactions with government, such as the payment of taxes. We will do this on a national as well as the local level.

STATUS: Pending.


10. Adjust government pay scale


Aquino noted the absurdity of a P50,000-a-month president presiding over a P1.5-trillion annual budget. “What we want is tolead government officials away from temptation because the pay scale they have right now practically guarantees that they will be corrupt,” he said.

STATUS: Pending.


11.No to Dictatorship


I will not be a dictator” says Aquino.



12. Safer sources of renewable energy


“I would rather exhaust other means than resort to nuclear power. We have other perceivably safer sources of renewable energy.

Nuclear energy has reemerged as an option to satiate the world’s present and future electricity needs. However, it continues to face “social acceptability” problems because of fears about the safety of its use. There are other sources of energy that have less chances of endangering the lives of people.

In the case of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, it has a large amount of documented safety hazards and may pose a threat to the safety and/or well-being of the residents around it.”

STATUS: Pending.



13. Population management via responsible parenthood


“My administration will fully support the crafting of a firm policy that will address the serious problem on population. It will bebased on the idea of responsible parenthood: imposing on parents that they should play a key role in ensuring that each and every child they bring into this world has the opportunity to lead a good life, and educating them about the means with which to plan their families so they can create families based on their ability to sustain their needs.
In the process of providing a range of options and information to couples, both natural family planning and modern methods shall be presented.”

STATUS: Pending


14.Charter change only via constitutional convention

The need for amendments to the Constitution, and whether there’s a public clamor have yet to be determined. I will support the creation of a body to determine these. If the Constitution must be amended, it should be through a constitutional convention.

The current administration more than anything else has shown us that the 1987 Constitution has loopholes that could be abused in order to stay in power. I am in favor of tightening the Constitution against these abuses at the start of the presidential term to avoid suspicion of foul play.

STATUS: Pending


15. Create jobs at home , reject overseas employment as development strategy


Aquino made an ambitious promise in his campaign platform that if elected, he would “create jobs at home so that working abroad will be out of choice, not necessity”.

While acknowledging the economic benefits of having millions of hard-currency earners abroad, Aquino said the exodus caused social problems such as separated families and abuses against workers.

He rejected the promotion of overseas employment as a development strategy and promised to look for “sustainable alternatives” for jobseekers.

STATUS: Pending


16. No new or increase in taxes


Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino Jr. III said on Thursday he would not impose new taxes or increase tax rates if elected president. 

He told members of the Makati Business Club that he would pursue the rationalization of fiscal incentives given to investors as part of efforts to plug revenue leaks and lower the budget deficit. 

“We will refrain from imposing new taxes or increasing tax rates,” Aquino told the business forum. “I strongly believe that we can collect more taxes at the BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue) and higher duties at customs if we become more serious in curbing and punishing tax evasion and smuggling.”

STATUS: Pending.


17. Distribute Hacienda Luisita to Farmers


Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III vowed Tuesday to ensure the distribution of Hacienda Luisita’s 4,500-hectare plantation to farmer-beneficiaries by June 2014.

STATUS: Pending.


18. Justice for Massacre Victims


Aquino vowed to bring to justice members of a powerful political clan charged in the country’s worst massacre of 57 people, telling European Union ambassadors Monday that he will not tolerate armed groups outside the law.

STATUS: Pending.


19. Renew peace talks and decades-long insurgencies


Aquino promises renew peace talks on ending decades long insurgencies.

STATUS: Pending.


20. Investigate Gloria Arroyo


Begnino “Noynoy” Aquino, who is on track to become the next president of the Philippines following last Monday’s elections, haspledged investigations will be held into the conduct of the outgoing leader Gloria Arroyo.

“I will not only not steal, but I’ll have the corrupt arrested,” Aquino, 50, told reporters in his first comments since Monday’s polls. 

STATUS: Pending.


21. Avoid foreign trips


Aquino told AP that he would avoid foreign trips .

STATUS: Pending


22. A Lean, Graft-free Government


Philippine president apparent, Benigno Aquino III, and nominees to what he pledged would be a lean, graft-free Cabinet promised today to travel overseas less, investigate corruption and renew peace talks on ending decades-long insurgencies.



23. A holistic and comprehensive public health care system

Speaking before 3,000 doctors, Liberal Party standard bearer Senator Benigno “Noynoy” S. Aquino III vowed today to achieve a “holistic and comprehensive” public healthcare system at the Philippine Academy of Family Physicians (PAFP) Universal Health Care Forum at the Philippine International Convention Center, Pasay City.

“We will go beyond ensuring that each Filipino has a PhilHealth card. Universal Health Care should mean that every PhilHealth cardholder will get not merely the card; but more important, the essential health services, basic medicines and appropriate quality health cards,” said Aquino.

STATUS: Pending



24. To Quit Smoking if he wins


LIBERAL Party standard bearer Senator Benigno Aquino III told a radio interview he would quit smoking once he won the presidency. 


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His campaign promises


The campaign platforms of President Noynoy Aquino are no longer found in his website during the election period.  Even Ms Monsod is having trouble finding the campaign platform of President Benigno “P.Noy” Aquino III…

IT IS a pity that President Aquino’s campaign platform, recorded exhaustively in his website during the election period, is no longer available there. What remains is his campaign slogan, his logo, his picture and a short message thanking us and reminding us that we’re all in this together, and that we, the people, are his strength. A great message, but I sincerely hope that the platform be returned, to serve as a constant reminder, to him and to us, of what he intended to do and how he intended to do it.

Fortunately, the kept a record of his promises in their section called Noynoy-Truth-O-Meter.

Promises on Anti-Corruption
Promises on Economy
Promises on Job Generation
Promises on Health
Promises on Education
Promises on Justice System Reform
Promises on Urban Poor
Promises on Mindanao
Platform for Overseas Filipino Workers
Promises on Tourism

With this record of his “promises” , the mission of the is to:

* Keep score of the promises made.
* Suggest metrics/KPIs that can be used to evaluate the campaign promise.
* Capture the existing data/metrics at the throughout Aquino’s term.
* Come to a conclusion on whether the promise has been delivered or not.


Photo from Noemi Lardizabal-Dado. Some rights reserved.