Timeline of Events Regarding the Willing Willie Alleged Child Abuse Issue

Two weeks has passed and a lot of things  have happened since Willie Revillame alleged child abuse blew out in social media.

Note: This is from the perspective of Para Kay Jan-jan Facebook Page and the people I knew who took active part. I might have omitted others if I didn’t know about it personally.

I will place my inputs in italics. I communicated with Froilan Grate, Facebook admin so that any efforts done on their side would be posted in Twitter. The constant tweets on advertisers to reflect on their corporate social responsibility were done daily until Unilever’s pull-out on Friday.

March 12

  • Jan-jan appeared on the Willing Willie show of TV5.

March 23

  • Mistervader showed me the video link and feels that I should write about it. He warned me that I might be upset and take my time to watch it.

March 25

March 26

March 27

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