Drug war

Duterte reveals that the war on drugs is bigger and badder than we thought

And we thought we knew how big our drug problem was.

In a press conference held yesterday in Malacanang Palace, President Rodrigo Duterte unraveled a large map detailing the connections of personalities involved in the illegal drug trade in the Philippines. It’s another shocking revelation for many Filipinos. We always knew our country had a problem with illegal drugs, (Which country doesn’t anyway, right?) but have we imagined that it would be this big?

The Office of the President has yet to release the full chart showing the drug rings embedded in our society but just by looking at it, it seems to be both terrifying and assuring. Terrifying because there are people who are involved in the drug trade whom we thought never were. Case in point, the 5 PNP Generals named by the President himself. At the same time, it feels assuring to see this map as it gives a face and an idea of how big the illegal drugs problem is. It’s no longer a mystery to us, and we now know who are involved and how extensive the connections are.

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Beating illegal drugs through education in the Duterte presidency

According to President Rodrigo Duterte, we are at the brink of becoming a narco-political state. This was his warning to the country as soon as he was sworn in to the top position of the country. He wasted no time in drilling down to the core problem of illegal drugs as it was his pronouncement to totally eradicate, or at the very least suppress it in 3 to 6 months. Just a day ago, he named 5 PNP generals who were involved or protected certain groups involved in the local drug trade. It came as a shocker to everyone, but it will surely not be the last.

Helping the President eradicate this deeply rooted problem is his appointed PNP Chief, Roland “Bato” Dela Rosa. The tough-looking chief immediately got a 4-star promotion from his 1-star rank. Both men have gone a long way fighting crime and drugs in Davao. And now, they are doing it for the whole country.

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