Twitter discussion- On SC’s TRO on Arroyos’ watchlist order: “Huge disservice to justice”, a parole before a conviction

A press statement from Akbayan:

Akbayan on SC’s TRO on Arroyos’ watchlist order:
“Huge disservice to justice”, a parole before a conviction

Akbayan Party today condemned the temporary restraining order (TRO) granted by the Supreme Court (SC) in response to the petitions filed by the camp of former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo questioning the watch list orders issued against them by the Department of Justice.

Calling the TRO “a huge disservice to justice”, and a “parole before a conviction”, Akbayan Party Spokesperson Risa Hontiveros expressed extreme disappointment with the decision noting that despite Arroyo no longer being president, she is allowed the greatest leverage to evade culpability for her crimes.

“The decision is virtually a parole certificate to Arroyo even prior to her arrest, conviction and detention. This decision only reinforces the belief that GMA still enjoys tremendous influence. This is a huge disservice to justice,” Hontiveros said.

“Di katanggap tanggap na ang karapatan ng taumbayan na inabuso ni dating Pangulong GMA ay siya din na mga ‘karapatan’ na kanyang ginagamit para tumakas sa kanyang mga pananagutan sa taumbayan,” Hontiveros added.

The former legislator also called the TRO, “another stumbling block to exacting justice from the Arroyos. While we can never underestimate GMA’s desperation to use her health as a ruse to deflect attention from her cases, this also shows she’s running out of other legal remedies and the only escape for her is to go beyond the reach of our courts.”

“We urge the Aquino government to make haste in appealing this decision. We hope the government will be swift in filing a motion for reconsideration and use all means within the bounds of the constitution to prevent her from evading prosecution.” Hontiveros said.

Hontiveros also urged the public to display their outrage.

“This is the final straw. The public has been cheated and robbed and now the Arroyos are being allowed to go free. The Filipino people must not allow this to happen,” Hontiveros concluded.

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