There is Hope in Politics with ­Kaya Natin!

by Pocholo Gonzales, CreatiVoices

Politics nowadays is always associated to corruption, even to the point of having the images of the
politicians boxed and categorized under the umbrella of corruption. However, this time, it is different.

Joined by the desire to unite good people and push the advocacy of Good Governance and Ethical
Leadership, a number of blogger who are also supporters of the Kaya Natin! Movement convened for a
night called the Kaya Natin! Bloggers’ Night at the Shakey’s Katipunan, August 19.

Mr. Harvey Keh, the Lead Convener of the Movement, gave the opening remarks.

One of the highlights of the night was the discussion on the book entitled Kaya Natin! Champions:
Inspiring Stories of Good Governance and Leadership in the Philippines. This book, edited by Shylynne
Castillo and Karla Angelica G. Pastores, was launched just last July 29.

The inspiring stories of good leaders featured in this book are just proofs that in spite all the happenings
in the political landscape of the country, there are still leaders we can count on to.

Apart from the discussion on the book, there was also sharing portions led by Kaya Natin! Champions
Cong. George Banal (Rep. of 3rd District of Quezon City) and Hon. Sonia Lorenzo (former Mayor of San
Isidro, Nueva Ecija). During this sharing portion, the floor was also opened for some questions. These
questions, meanwhile, were enough to fuel meaty discussions on politics, politicians and even some
aspects of corruption and how it can be prevented.

The bloggers who attended the event remain hopeful for the politics of the Philippines. In fact, from the name of the Movement itself, Kaya Natin!