“Rebel General” frowns on “Oust Noy” call

Former Brigadier General Danilo Lim today disapproves of Colonel Generoso Mariano’s call to the public to overthrow the democratic government of President Benigno Simeon “Noynoy” Aquino III even as he advised the public to use discernment in determining genuine soldier sentiments and grievances.

“We must not be swayed by populist rhetoric severely lacking in substance and context, much more, something which is not shared by majority of the soldiers. We must not be seduced by those who exploit the soldiers’ genuine grievances to derail our journey towards meaningful change,” Lim said.

Lim however admitted that there are existing grievances made by soldiers inside the military institution.

“Grievances will always be there. The military is not insulated from this. What is crucial is to distill the real from the imagined, the fundamental from the inconsequential, and the untainted from the politically motivated’” Lim said.

But Lim was quick to explain that many of the existing grievances from the military institution stemmed from the nine-year autocratic rule of Ms. Gloria Macagapal Arroyo and not from Pres. Aquino’s term.

Lim listed the Hello Garci scandal, Ampatuan massacre and fertilizer scam as some of the issues the soldiers are closely keeping an eye on.

“For the soldiers to rebel against the Aquino administration, the very government that could put closure to many of these grievances and rectify many wrongdoings is not only contrary to the soldiers’ interest but also illogical. Malayong malayo ang pampulitikang karakter ng nakaraang rehimeng Arroyo at ng administrasyon ni Pres. Aquino. The former abused them, the latter, is providing hope and restoring integrity to the profession,” Lim asserted.

Lim, who was detained during Arroyo’s term for supposedly leading a military uprising against her administration, also said any call for the ouster of the Aquino government would only benefit those who are opposed to the people’s pursuit of reforms, truth and accountability.

“It is very obvious. Ang makikinabang sa pagbagsak ng kasalukuyang administrasyon kundi ay si GMA kasama ng mga grupo na ayaw tumahak sa tuwid na landas. Sila na pilit ibinabalik ang madilim na nakaraan, sila na ayaw pawiin ang pagkauhaw ng mamamayan sa katarungan at pagbabago ,” Lim added.

Lim advised the Aquino government to keep its ears close to the ground and conduct regular consultations with the officers and rank-and-file soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

“The key here is to sincerely listen and attend to the soldiers’ genuine sentiments. Treat them with respect. Do not mock or corrupt them with the spoils of patronage politics. I have complete trust the Aquino administration will treat them as legitimate members and participants to nation-building. In the final analysis, soldiers are people too,” Lim concluded.

This is a press statement of General
Danny Lim