Comelec regulates for the first time the online campaign gimmicks of candidates

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The Commission on Elections (Comelec) has approved a resolution which regulates for the first time the online campaign gimmicks of candidates.

Based on Resolution No. 9615, the definition of political advertising will be broadened to include online content in “social networks, blogging sites, and micro-blogging sites,” aside from those in traditional platforms.

The poll body has also set the maximum size for various types of online propaganda, which include rectangles and pop-ups, banners and buttons, as well skyscrapers and page ads. Maximum sizes are specified in terms of pixel dimension and aspect ratio.

GMA News said that under the latest resolution, online propaganda is allowed to be published only thrice a week for each website during the campaign period. Display of online gimmicks for any length of time within a 24-hour period will be considered as one instance of publication, according to the report.

In explaining the government’s move to regulate online campaigning, Comelec spokesperson James Jimenezsaid that online advertising also incurs expenses, as in advertising in television, radio and print.

But Jimenez said the poll body cannot regulate “completely social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. “Hindi mo na nga ire-regulate completely kasi siyempre may mga puwang, especially Twitter, Facebook,” he said.

Lesser airtime

The Comelec has also decided to cut the airtime for political candidates running for national positions in the 2013 midterm elections, Philippine Star reported.

According to the new rules, national candidates will only be allowed to air their campaign ads for 120 minutes on television and 180 minutes on radio.

Citing the new implementing rules and regulations of the Fair Elections Act, Comelec chair Sixto Brillantes Jr. saidthe runtime of campaign ads of national candidates should be “aggregate” across media stations. Previously, the maximum runtime is pegged on a per station basis.

Meanwhile, local candidates will be only given 60 minutes in television and 90 minutes on radio for the airing of political ads.

Here is the COMELEC Resolution 9615 Rules and Regulations Implementing Fair Elections Act (Rules on Election Propaganda)

COMELEC Resolution 9615 Rules and Regulations Implementing Fair Elections Act (Rules on Election Propaganda… by Maui Hermitanio

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