President Aquino flagship education program: K to 12

Finally some good news from the Aquino administration! President Aquino formally launchedhis flagship education programKindergarten to Year 12 Program, or the K to 12 Program yesterday.

This is a concrete step to address the much needed improvements that are sorely needed to improve our basic education and give our graduates better training, with the hope of poverty alleviation down the road.

This is a program that we can and should all get behind! Parents may initially think that this is just a waste of money or it will just serve to delay the graduation of their children. However, this is a long-term investment in their future. If implemented properly, two extra years in school can go a long way in helping our graduates have a better chance at a better future.

If there’s a lasting legacy of PNoy’s administration, it will be this.

Current program


Our current education program has 6 years of grade school and 4 years of high school, resulting in only ten years of basic education. Most of the curriculum involves memorization. To get things going, universal kindergarten was started last 2011 as a transition phase for the changes in the education set-up.

New program

The new education curriculum will be implemented starting this June. It will have 12 years of basic education instead of the current ten year model. The goal of the changes is to better equip our graduates “for recognition of professionals abroad.”

Critical thinking will be another aspect of the program. This will be a much needed life long skill that students can better use in life, instead of memorizing data that won’t have much use upon taken a test or upon graduation.

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