10 Reasons of Pro RH bill and Anti RH bill supporters

The Reproductive Health Bill for Sixteen years in the Congress is never been this popular till 2010. Merely because of the overgrowing population, researches and overgrowing supports in which from the latest Pulse Asia survey is 69 percent are in favor for the passage of the bill. Carlos Celdran, the tour guide, visual artist and RHBill advocate turned everything in a much elaborated and artistic style of showing what the bill is all about by protesting inside the manila cathedral and his removal of Anti RH bill tarpauline from the CBCP building in Intramuros which is caught by the CCTV camera.

Elizabeth Angsioco, the chair of the Democratic Socialist Women of the Philippines (DSWP) and Manila Standard writer with all the interviews and write- ups, direct, objective and statistics based answers gave a lot of information to all viewers and individuals who were once unaware of this controversial issue. CBCP conducted rallies together with all Catholic based organizations like Knights of the Columbus, Couples for Christ, Youth for Christ, El Shadai and all diocese operated schools like Liceo De San Pablo where on March 26, 2011 joined the °Walk for Life° Anti RH Bill rally in San Pablo City, Laguna to show supports for the CBCP and students as young as nine years old joined the event among others which drew attention to the common Juan.

From the interviews I conducted. These are the top ten reasons why people are supporting and against about the RHBill:

Pro RH

1. Prevention of Maternal deaths
2. Provides free medical treatment from the barangay with professional health practitioner
3. Prevention of abortion
4. Empowerment of women and Promotion of breastfeeding
5. Right to choose between Natural and Modern method of family planning
6. Access to age appropriate sex education in schools
7. Provides quality of life
8. Availability of contraception in the barangay
9. Population Management
10. Long term benefits

Anti RH

1. Legalized abortion
2. Immoral
3. Will go to hell because of the promotion of contraceptives which from them is abortifacient
5. Promote promiscuity
6. Will increase the HIV/AIDS in the country
7. Prevention of having a baby which contradicts the teaching of the church “Humayo kayo at magpakarami”.
8. Mandatted two child policy
9. Population is not the cause of poverty
10. Pills could cause pimples and cancer


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  1. Anti-RH sides can’t claim to decent reasons. Pathetic liars.

  2. Grace, sorry pero puro erroneous eh. But please check your grammar muna.

  3. I dont know how you got this but let us also add this for the Anti RH

    1. Environmentally – What you dispense in the sewers are the leading cause of pollution that make the fish developing transgender and sterile fishes.
    2. Look at Thailand and the Philippines Thailand has more HIV/Aids in their country though Thailand is contraceptive nation since many years ago the difference is an embarrassment already to say of any comparison with this 2 countries and let me remind you Grace that in the case of Thailand though it dramatically lowered today it is on a stagnant stage which means the rate is not decreasing even though the use of pills
    3. Nations growth economically cannot be correlated to reducing the number of people. Look at India
    4. A recent study by Guttmacher tells us that contraception do not decrease the incident of abortion actually the study says those that are not into contraception will likely keep their babies rather than those that uses them
    5. Without this bill the good points are already are in place just give more budget to DOH and tell them what to do about maternal health care seminars free mammograms free seminars etc etc. You dont need this legislation at all.
    6. Long term benefits??? see Singapore
    7. BTW do you know why we have lower HIV/AIDS in this country maybe you can watch this


  4. Most Anti RH Bill supporters are just blinded by the church and are just to afraid to “go to hell”.

  5. anti talaga aq dpt ibasura na ang bill na ito

  6. its sad that people think morals are more important than rights. I’m a female, I’m non-religious and people preaching about the biblical immorality of the RH should read our country’s constitution and not the bible. I’m a 17 year old college student and I give my full support to the RH Bill! And I daresay I can take on an anti-rh bill adult in a debate because their arguments and sources of validation are pathetic. oh yes I went there. 

    • Chariza Concepcion August 9, 2012 at 8:23 pm

      I am a 17 year old, 4th year student and I would just like to voice
      out my stand on the RH Bill. Personally, I for one do not support this bill. I
      agree with what one of our top politicians in the country, Fransico S. Tatad , said: “The Reproductive Health Bill in the House of Representatives is being presented as a health bill and an antipoverty bill at the same time. It is neither. It is not what its authors say it is; it is everything they say it is not. It is an ideological attack on human life, the family, and our social and cultural
      values. The bill rests on a flawed premise; it is unnecessary, unconstitutional, oppressive of religious belief and destructive of public morals and family values. Its enactment into law will only deepen the already frightening ignorance about the real issues. It should be rejected.” Honestly, the Philippines was doing just fine without the RH Bill. So why pass it now?

      I joined an organization in school called
      Youth for the Family or YFAM. In fact, I am the president of the said
      organization. It is a youth based organization that aims to protect the life of
      the unborn children, the sacredness of marriage and the importance of family. We
      speak to many pro-life legislators and praise them for their continuous dedication
      to do what’s right even though a lot of people oppose them. We let them know that
      we have their backs and will continue to support them all the way.

      For me, I believe that every child has a right to life. Who are we to
      play God and decide whether or not a child gets to live or not? Wouldn’t you
      want to see how the child will turn out? You will never know the potential that
      the child had inside because you never even gave them a chance to show you. This child could have been the change we needed in the world but because you did not give them a chance to live, we will never know the answer to this. Think of all the happy experiences you’ve had in your life. Wouldn’t you want others to experience it as well? What if your parents chose not to bring you into this world? How would you feel?

      Over population is not the cause of poverty; corrupt officials and uneducated voters are. If you really want the economy of our country to rise, impeach all corrupt officials. We already know who these officials are so why not throw them out of the government already? Stop the corruption once it is found; do not just over look it. For the voters of our country, why elect officials who you already know is corrupt? Who you know will put their needs before yours? Please remember that voting for our officials is not just a popularity contest. Vote for the official that has YOUR best interest in mind.

      Lastly, stop bashing the Catholic Church because of their stand on the RH Bill. They are doing what’s right.

  7. nakakalungkot pong isipin na iba saatin ay hndi pabor sa pagtatag ng RH BILL
    subalit bkit nga po ba nila ito hndi pinapaburan???
    …. hndi po ba napapansin na masyado ng nakakaapekto ng malaki ang populasyon ng ating bnsa…
    masaya naman ang pagkakaroon ng MArami at malaking pamilya.,
    subalit kaya banilang tustusan ang mga mahahalagang bagay na kaylangan ng isang pamilya kung sa panahon ngaun ay naghihirap na ang mga tao???
    PAra saakin mas kawawa ang mga kabataan ngaun dhil; sa hirap ng panahon ngaun malamang bka hndi matustusan ng pamilya nia ang karapatan niang mag aral.. may ibang mga kabataan ang mas inuuna pang magtrabaho kaysa mag aral para lamang may ipanglaman sa kumakalam nilang sikmura … himbis na LApis at papel ang kanilang hawak SAko at kariton ang kanilang hawak dahil mas inuuna nila ito para lang may mapang kain sila sa araw araw…
    sa sitwasyon pa lamang na ito makikita na natin ang bunga kung hndi man maipatupad ito…..

    KYA ako YES TO RH BILL !!!

  8. http://letter-for-life.tumblr.com/ Read this. Seriously, this tops everything you just said. This is the result of proper education and not sex freaking education. Nagiging bobo ang mga naeeexpose sa mga tulad mo.

  9. It is stated in the facts of RH Bill that it does not legalize abortion. I am a 15-year old Grade 10 student and I support the bill. I respect all the reasons of the people who are against it, but the fact that they insist RH Bill legalizes abortion is somehow irritating. Come on people, go read books that feature RH Bill. Mababasa niyo roon ang nilalaman ng batas na ito. RH Bill DOES NOT SUPPORT/LEGALIZE ABORTION and ABORTION IS PUNISHABLE AND STILL REMAINS A CRIME. The word here is is prevent, not legalize nor support. If you’re still against the contraseptives, then don’t use them. If pills are cancerous and have side affects, then don’t drink them. It is the decision of the woman to take pills. RH Bill still gives us the right to choose what you’ve decided. Hindi tayo nito pinipilit. I still have many things to say, but I don’t want to cause long arguments. I’m just clarifying a fact of RH Bill that many people seem to misunderstand.

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