Proposed Cyber Crime bills

There are just too many versions of the Philippine Cybercrime bill. Like Carlo Ople, I believe the section on child pornography is long overdue. There are just so many webcams out there featuring kids.

What worries me is the implementation. The internet’s strength was its open nature. Will it be like Tonyo says an “MTRCB for the web?” Centralising it would be a huge threat to innovation, evolution and growth of the web. Another worrisome aspect is having a cybercrime prevention unit. We can just train a few of our techno-savvy law enforcers on this.

Tonyo Cruz shared the full texts of five of the seven (?) pending House bills on “cybercrime” prevention.

House Bill 85 Proposed Cybercrime Act

House Bill 167 Proposed Cybercrime Act

House Bill 364 Proposed Cybercrime Act

House Bill 383 Proposed Cybercrime Act

House Bill 511 Proposed Cybercrime Act

Here is the Cybercrime Bill filed by former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo:

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